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Welcome to our TikTok video production services company!

We specialize in creating high-quality TikTok and YouTube videos, producing engaging web series, and delivering stunning visual effects for music videos, brands and bloggers.



We live in social networks for the last 8 years. We study their algorithms and content. That is why we are able to design videos that will drive your brand and product.

Started in November 2021, our TikTok account has already reached


followers and this number keeps growing

Our promotional videos increase Closing Ratio in 15-30%.
We create advertising, content, clips in both vertical and horizontal formats.
Within the team, we are engaged in: creative, graphics, editing, producing, writing scripts. Therefore, if you come with a complex turnkey task, we will be happy to help you.

Horizontal content

Horizontal content

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Vertical content

Vertical content

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We focus on creating videos that:

capture viewer’s attention from the first second;

people will watch till the end and re-watch;

spark emotions;

encourage to action.




At “In Short”, we build special conditions for creative people. Here, everyone is free to progress in their field of interest. This approach helps us to build an every-day self-improving entity. This is how we grow every day in various ways: Creative, Storytelling, Videography, VFX, CGI, Motion Design. Due to this, the quality of the content that we produce is very important to us. We work to turn our every video into a case, so that it is viewed by as many people as possible. We dream of building a company that will unite hundreds of artistic people passionate about creating quality videos and stories.
Based in Montenegro.


Please feel free to contact us


Our address: Montenegro, Miljevacka 50, Sutomore, 85355

Testimonials from Upwork

Very good service, fast and easy communication.
Alexander Broer 

Very responsive and creative team
Kemal Ugur 

They did an amazing job in our short game trailer video. Thanks for the great work guys!!! We will work on many projects in the future